Automate Your Connections
with Edge Reminders from Ortho2.

Edge Reminders, which works for both ViewPoint and Edge Cloud, is an easy-to-use, efficient system for automating your patient reminders. In Edge Cloud, patients’ responses are automatically synced into your schedule.

Reminders sent by phone, text and email

Reminders can be sent via multiple message options including phone, text, and/or email for any range of upcoming appointment dates. Messages can also be sent for recall reminders, birthday greetings, and more. And billing is cost effective and simple:

  • 9 cents per minute*
  • 6 cents per outbound text
  • Free emails, incomplete phone calls, and confirmation texts
  • Unlimited text and email $79 per month
  • Unlimited voice, text, and email $159 per month
  • No minimum monthly charge
  • No long term commitments required
*Alaska phone rates are $0.18/minute

In addition, our Edge Cloud customers can take advantage of Edge Broadcast, an easy way to design and create newsletters for your patients, responsible parties, and professionals. Edge Broadcast provides you with easy-to-use templates, as well as tools that optionally link to your social media posts to make creating fresh newsletter content as efficient as possible.

Edge Reminders is just a part of next generation products created by Ortho2 for its orthodontist partners. If you are interested in providing yourself, your staff, orthodontic patients, responsible parties, professionals, and prospects with bold and dynamic ways to communicate and interact with your practice, Ortho2 has the tools to put your practice on the leading edge.

For additional information, or to view a product demo, contact your Regional Manager.

Top Enhancements

  • Automated and scheduled patient reminders
  • Customize email and text messages
  • Send customized newsletters with Edge Broadcast
  • No long-term commitment or minimum charge

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Download Edge Reminders Brochure

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